O N   A I R                      

Airing on Bank Holiday Monday 28st at 10 pm

ALL THAT JAZZ  all the great songs and tunes from the 1920's and beyond

with greats like the Ink Spots, Tommy Dorsey, Mildred Bailey and more 

Join me at 10pm Bank Holiday Monday night 28st May


all that jazz






Contact the Studio ON AIR ask us to say happy birthday to someone?


Everyone now and again just remembers their mums or friends birthdays, or you may just want to say hello or send a message to someone you love, well its's easy here at Miskin Radio.  Just call the studio live on air give us your request and we will pass on that birthday greeting or

message to your friends or family.  Make sure they are switched on and listening to us though or they may just miss it.

To contact the studio live       CALL THE STUDIO on 01322629558


Text the Studio: Text the letter m then the word radio to 80809.
All texts sent to the 80809 cost the user 25p plus a standard rate message. No premium rate SMS charges apply. Example message:

mradio Hi there, please say Happy Birthday to my Mum!


Have you got an Event on - Want it ON AIR or do you have a Community

group and need more members? Then contact us here at Miskin Radio

Are you running an event and want everyone to know before the day or does your community group need new members? Let us know and we

can promote it on-air for free to voluntary and small community groups

Just email us at the usual email us at  events@miskinradio.co.uk


Miskin Radio The  Station to listen to - Log on - Tune in - Get Involved

today Its easy its quick, have a great time with us here at Miskin Radio

Miskin Radio covers all of the North West of Kent, bringing you event news, making announcements and providing some of the best programs

around with great music from pop, classical, rock, and of course you can pick a program from our program list at the bottom of this page.

Miskin is the radio station by you for you.  Tell us of things going on, give us your news items, or anything that's funny that's happened to you

or someone else.  We do personal appearances at events to open your event or any other function by invitation.